Utah State University Students with Children Program

Utah State University Brigham City Campus

 The Utah State University (USU) Brigham City Campus Students with Children Program [SCP] is a unique alternative to the traditional higher education experience. Developed specifically to meet the needs of parents (many of whom are women) with a desire to earn an undergraduate degree, SCP provides a comprehensive set of services that promotes academic success while balancing home and school.

With on-site childcare that is fully licensed and educationally based, parents can focus on their academic goals with peace of mind that their children are being cared for well. Every effort is taken to ensure that each program participant receives the individualized attention and access to resources necessary for success. From study groups, peer support programs, and personal development workshops, to one-on-one advising, students will discover that SCP is dedicated to meeting their needs.

 Students enrolled in the program receive a fee waiver of up to $400 for Little Brigham Aggie childcare expenses while participating in onsite activities associated with USU Brigham City and/or Students with Children program. (These activities may include individual study on campus, study groups, computer labs, fitness center use, campus activities, workshops and class time.)

A variety of university degree program options are available for students participating in the program. For more information about the program, please contact Melissa Thomas at 435-919-1248 or melissa.thomas@usu.edu.

Information is available on the web at http://brighamcity.usu.edu.