Southern Utah University and North Star Elementary STEM Initiative

North Elementary Computer Club (North Elementary School)

 Southern Utah University (SUU) and Cedar North Elementary School began its journey as a STEAM/Partnership school in August of 2012.  It has been argued the best way to prepare students for the 21st century is to ensure that Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) is coupled with art and design. In other words STEM + Art = STEAM.

With support from Southern Utah University and the Iron County School District, Cedar North aims to offer an enriched, integrated curriculum that focuses on science. Language arts, technology, engineering, fine art, and math skills will be used as tools to teach science in a way that encourages inquiry, communication, collaboration, discovery, and enthusiasm for learning.  SUU provides support through pedagogical and content area expertise, as well as placing elementary practicum students in all classrooms.

As part of this STEAM partnership, one of the projects is the North Elementary Computer Club (NECC) led by Dr. Kesar, professor from SUU (Computer Science & Information Systems). This is a first of its kind computer club that aims to engage both girls and boys (3rd through – 5th grade) in computer related activities. The NECC is an out- of-school weekly activity, where Dr. Kesar has designed a set of hands-on/minds-on activities to spark the young students’ creativity and imagination while gaining knowledge and learning about computers.

 It is hoped that Dr. Kesar’s undergraduate students will also become part of this outreach STEAM project in both design and participation of the computer club activities. The long-term objective is to also motivate and recruit diverse groups of students that represent a pool from females, under-representative and/or minorities.

For more information about the NECC, please either contact Mr. Whittier (Principal, Cedar North Elementary) at or Dr. Kesar at