Providing a Support Culture for Women Students

 Salt Lake Community College

A significant portion of SLCC students (men and women) are faced with the financial and time management challenges of balancing work, family, and education commitments. We believe that the affordability, ease of access (multiple sites), flexible schedules, and distance offerings demonstrate SLCC’s commitment to cultivating a supportive environment for women students. We also believe that our childcare options, both on-site and voucher programs for offsite services, assist women students in accessing education and staying enrolled through the duration of their degree. And finally, we are cognizant of the important role that visible role models and high expectations play in motivating young women toward success. Toward that end, SLCC makes it clear through visible role models (President, administrators, and faculty) that women can succeed in their chosen field and that we will create an environment that supports them in those goals. Find additional details about these programs on the SLCC website.