Family Life Students Bachelor’s Degree Program

Utah State University 

 The Utah State University (USU) family life studies degree is only offered online through USU Distance Education. This program is designed to prepare students for successful careers serving individuals and families across the life span and to help students achieve fulfilling family relationships in their own lives. Students learn how human development, family relationships, family economics, and consumer issues affect the individual and the family. This program has the same academic rigor as on-campus degrees, but is offered in an alternate format to serve a wide variety of students.

This degree is particularly well suited for students who are returning to college to complete their bachelor’s degrees. The flexibility of the online coursework makes it so that students can speed up the graduation process by completing work on their own schedules. Students can specialize their studies in the capstone practicum experience in an area of interest related to family life that allows them to gain experience for future career paths.

 The USU Family Life Studies program has receives national recognition including:

Provisional CFLE Designation

The Utah State University Family Life Studies Undergraduate Program is certified by the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) as providing coursework meeting all standards and criteria needed for the Provisional Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) designation.

Exemplary Coursework

The FCHD 4830 Senior Capstone Project was chosen by NCFR “as an exemplary demonstration of planning for a distance learning internship.”  According to Mary Bold, Academic Program Liaison for NCFR, “. . . the design is of highest caliber . . . Your course can stand as a model for other programs nationally, not only to meet credentialing standards such as CFLE, but also to contribute to institutional effectiveness.”

Information about the bachelor’s degree in Family Life Studies is available online at

Sarah Tulane is the program advisor. She can be reached by phone: (435) 797-7479 or email: